What does the union do? 
  • The International Association of Fire Fighters is a worldwide organization of career firefighters who pull resources together to support and grow professional and personal development in the fire service. 
Why should I join? 
  • The Cherokee Professional Fire Fighters support members during difficult times, they help move the department in a positive direction for growth and progress, and they assist with local community outreach. The biggest impact we can make is with our own people in our own back yards. 
How much does it cost?
  • Union dues are $20/month, automatically deducted through payroll deduction at the rate of $10/paycheck, pretax. In the event of a month with 3 paychecks, no deduction will take place during the 3rd payroll of that month.  
What does my money go towards?
  • Of your $20 monthly dues, $12 goes to support the IAFF and all of the programs and resources it has to offer, $1 goes to the Georgia Professional Fire Fighters Association, and $7 remains at the local level to be used as necessary by our union. 
Does my money fund politicians' campaigns?
  • No. By federal law, zero resources collected for dues can contribute to political candidates. If you elect to support a candidate financially, you would make a contribution to a PAC (political action committee) separately from your monthly dues. This contribution is voluntary and is handled as a separate financial entity from that of your union dues. 
What has my local done for my department? 
  • There's a lot the Cherokee Professional Fire Fighters Union does that goes unseen. From assisting in times of financial hardship, supporting members with unexpected funeral expenses, assisting with handicap modifications necessary to member's homes, covering catering costs associated with member retiree dinners, to representing members during disciplinary procedures. Our local union has also taken advantage of training offered by the IAFF and has completed Hazmat Operations and Hazmat Technician courses for recruit classes held within the department. We need your ideas for community outreach, professional development, department growth, and member support as well. 

Because we all need each other. 


- Advocacy

- Insurance

- Voice for Change

- Training


- PTSD and Addiction treatment

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